Petals fall upon a lost floor. Sprinkling on the ground eroded from stone. Footsteps are heard through ages and the forgotten maiden walks.

Walks through the shadows of her fallen castle. Walks through memories washed away by the disappearing tide.

And the enchanting ghost of the tender beauty whispers of no memory known to the living, of no sacrifice left upon the shores.

She murmurs...allowing only her heart to hear, of the man all in armor, shining like the sun which noble blood shot forth from.

As the thought of the armored hero stands.....the image warps into a ravaged grizzling beast, a man pulled down from his spot in the sky to the depths...the ones that haunt his soul.

And, as the same, it haunts her, her love lost, her spirit wanders. The sun shines above.....but the light of the specter maiden's eyes haze with night. Night leaping out to grab the traveler, eyes in search of the man of the sun, whom will forever be lost to her starving eyes, as they hunger for the warmth within.

Luring in those who come upon the unseen castle....each fails to be a shining hero, so on her soul searches. Each soft petal of hope dropping to the floor of the lost palace, never to be found by that which needs to gaze upon it's hidden spender most.