while grasping at stars that i shouldn't have expected to see in the city, i didn't see who had fallen down beside me.
quintillions of stars and yet i only spoke with one; one that i occasionally thought favored me...but then i, foolish one, realized that the sun was beating down upon everyone.
a man like a sun who beats down upon everyone and yet when alone with one in a forest, peeks down coyly through the trees and that man and that sun can make you believe that you are the only one.
the only one.


while drinking my tears, blood mixed with the sweat forming on my face, as i worked so hard to overcome illusions. and opportunities never presented themselves. i took liberty anyways.
so i bottled up my tears, and wrote a letter with my sweaty blood. i sent it off with my illusions as the address.
the sun dried up my tears and made the blood fade. but then it went away.


running along thorns would seem to be painful, but if you pretend that it's okay (and perhaps even manage to convince yourself that you like it) then things aren't too bad.

i am confusedRunaway
the sun is confusedChameleon
we are all confusedLoversofLove

run away, chameleon lover.

run away.