Imagine a teardrop. It forms in your eye and slides down your cheek. It falls from your jaw bone and makes a small wet circle on your sleeve. What it the teardrop from? Are you happy or sad? Are you alone? Are you hurt? Are you lost? Why are you crying?

Imagine yourself as a baby. You are hurting but no one understands you. You know there is no one nearby to hold you. You are alone. Imagine that you cannot do anything for yourself and no one is there to help you. Tears spring from your eyes and run down your face. You cannot wipe them away. All you can do is cry louder and hope someone will come.

Can you picture a wedding now? Anticipation and hope of new life fill the air. You watch your only daughter at the altar. She repeats her vows and you realize that you are giving away your little girl. You quickly wipe your tears away and hope no one notices. You see how happy she is and tears of joy well up in your eyes. Imagine the smile on your face.

Think now of a woman with tears of pain. Her husband yells to her to stop crying. He hits her. Now see the teardrops in the children's eyes as they watch their dad beat their mom. Watch the children soak their shirt sleeves with tears. Imagine you are lying in bed and you can hear your drunk Father beating your brother outside your room. You pull the blanket over your head and hope that you will not be next. You hear your brother scream. Now you have tears streaming down your face.

Now you have lost. You are an old man and you have lost your wife to cancer. Imagine your tears then. Feel the hole inside you that nothing can ever fill. Your memories break your heart. Imagine kneeling beside her coffin and watching your tears make small wet circles on her clothes.

Can you imagine a teardrop? Why are you crying now?