You can charge me for a thousand things,
I have never done,
You can swing me from the wooden beam,
Underneath the sun.

You can hunt me down guns and all,
And put your lives at risk,
You can stick up posters and rewards,
But it's not of life I'll miss.

You can threaten my family and my friends,
But they are just as strong,
Lock them up throw away the key,
Yet it's still you that they spit on.

Do you really think I'll leave them there?
To let them rot away?
How can you condemn them to a hell?
For my mistakes why let them pay?

You can set alight the greatest bush lands,
Just try to catch me now!
I shant lie amongst the dust,
I can live, I know how.

You can black mail as many as you want,
But I can still escape,
I have friends and you have naught,
You cannot run from your own fate.

I live for a reason you all know,
The justice is unfair!
Go to death without a trial,
How ever could you dare?

You can lock me away, yet I still smile,
Although I slowly die,
I've served my purpose of this earth,
To have lived, 'such is life'.

By Siobhan
Date: 15/April/2004