I'm left with nothing,

An empty soul,

Unable to feel,

Not working quite right.

I'm left with disjointed memories,

That may or may not have happened,

All jumbled together,

I can't remember what is real.

I'm left with an old book,

That you lent me six months ago,

That I never got round to returning,

And I never got round to finishing,

Because I thought I had all the time in the world.

I'm left with regret,

Because I should have called you,

Last week when I was going to,

Just to ask you how you were,

But as always got caught up with things that seemed more important.

I'm left without you,

Confused and disorientated,

Wondering how to feel

When the world expects me to move on…

So soon,

And I'm not ready to say goodbye yet.