Red light.
Everybody stops.
Green light!
Run as fast as your legs will let you.
Slow down.
It's more like a light jog.
Red light!
Shoes screech on the floor,
As kinetic motion,
Stops dead in its tracks.

You're on the road now.
Red means stop,
Yellow, slow down.
Green, go.
You pull up to a halt,
For the light's red.
The perpendicular travelers,
They have a yellow,
Then a red.
You have a green.
You go.
But someone's coming,
Going fast.
They hit the brakes.
After they've entered the intersection.
They slam into you.
You feel your head spinning.
You're losing blood.
Everything hurts.
Moments later,
You're dead.
Didn't they know,
That you stop on a red?