By:Andrew Troy Keller

If my memory on the history of mankind serves me correctly,the fall of any form of civilization always starts with the arrival of a beautiful woman and having her fall in love with that civilization's handsome ruler,just like Celopatra falling in love with Julius Ceaser.

But on the fifthteenth day of March in the year 2991,a genetics scientist named Doctor Jonathan Nealson has just used his research to create the perfect female,only he hasn't realized that history was about to repeat itself.

After he had gotten his creation out of the cloning machine and helped her into the next room,Jonathan had cleaned up the Mariah Carey type beauty and dressed her in the clothes that he was saving for when he was able to have a daughter.

But then,after he had left her alone with some books for her to read,Jonathan had gone downstairs to the kitchen to fix some food for her lunch.

However,just as he was about to walk into the kitchen,something had smashed in the front door,causing him to go to the source of the smashing noise and find out what had caused it.

But as soon as he had reached the front door,his eyes had grown as wide as saucers,for a group of Emperor Jason's maurauders were standing next to the smashed door and had their weapons aimed at him.

And before they were about to make a demand for his latest scientific discovery,a worried Jonathan had ran towards the stairs and yelled,"HONEY,STEP UP THERE!DON'T COME DOWNSTAIRS!"

But just as he was about to start running up the stairs,one of the maurauders had taken out his sword and threw it at Jonathan's back,causing him to die instantly.

After that had happened,a concerned Honey had walked downstairs and was about to ask Jonathan why he wanted her to stay in the lab,only to make the shocking discovery of the dead body of her 'father' laying on the floor with one of the maurauders' swords sticking out of his back.

But instead of leaving her alone to grieve for her loss,the maurauders had grabbed Honey and dragged her all the way back to the Imperial Palace,where they were able to present a saddened Honey as a gift to him.

Then,after he had allowed the maurauders to leave his presence,a gleeful Jason and a teary eyed Honey had looked at each other for a minute or two and kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips.

After the kiss,Jason has invited Honey to join him in a moment of pure erotic pleasure and she has accepted his invitation,only he has no idea that she has hatched a plan of revenge against him.

Just then,after he has opened the doors to his royal bed chamber,both Jason and Honey had removed all of their clothes,placed themselves on the bed and began to have the most sensual experience in the history of the entire Empire.

But during their moment of pure sexual pleasure,Honey was finally able to find the sharp dagger that Jason had hidden under one of the pillows--and within a fit of pure rage,she had thrusted the blade into the heartless Emperor's bare back six times,until he was finally dead.

And after she had shoved the Emperor's dead corpse off of her,wrapped her arms around herself and closed her eyes,Honey had allowed a tear to run down her cheek and said,"Now you've been avenged,Father."

Then suddenly,after she had heard someone running down the street and yelling,"THE EMPEROR IS DEAD!WE'RE ALL DOOMED!",the entire bed chamber had started to shake and fall apart around Honey,which had caused her to run for some shelter.

Sometime later,after the entire palace and everything around it had came crashing down and all of civilization has been cast in ruin,a shocked Honey had crawled out of her shelter,looked around at the devastation and began to wonder what to do with her life next.

The answer to that question had came soon enough,for a large orb of light had appeared from out of nowhere,placed itself in front of a confused Honey and allowed a young and handsome stranger to step out of the orb.

And then,after he had walked over to Honey and placed her hand onto his,the stranger has let out a small smile and said,"I'm Prince Malcor,ruler of the kingdom of fairies and I want you to be my wife,fair Honey.Because you're so beautiful and I love you with all of my heart."

And after she had noticed how sincere he was with his purposal of marriage and how handsome he had looked,Honey had suddenly let out a smile and said,"Well then,my dear Prince Malcor.Since that's the case,I will indeed be your wife,for I've also fallen in love with you--and would always do so with all of my heart."

And just then,while they were kissing each other ever so passionately on the lips,a pair of fairy wings had suddenly grown out of Honey's back.

Then,after the kiss,Honey had looked at herself and suddenly became really happy,for she had discovered that she was wearing the most beautifully sparkling gown in the entire universe.

"And now,my darling.",said Malcor,after he had placed his gentle hand on Honey's shoulder."Shall we return to my home and become man and wife?"

"Yes,my prince.We shall.",answered a very pleased Honey,who had wrapped her arms around her beloved prince and allowed him to produce another orb of light to take them away from the destruction of one civilization and to the peace and safety of another--one where Prince Malcor and Honey shall live very happily.