The following is something of a fairy-tale which I am creating, featuring my own characters, the Four Winds. This chapter is only a prologue, setting the stage for a tangled web of love, lust and deceit as told through the rain spirit, Kanashii Kanau to his children. This small preamble is only an introduction to the actual story and all characters and concepts belong to me.




"That's not how the story goes, bakabakashii!"

"It is so!"

"Is not!"



"Mou; Nee-san, Nii-san, why don't you just ask Papa?"

Two pairs of stormy eyes turned towards their younger sibling. Seventeen-year-old Arashi's sapphire eyes were narrowed with anger, while fourteen-year-old Mei Ame's red-black eyes raged with annoyance at her older brother's superior attitude. They glared at the smaller child, both aggravated at their argument being disrupted.

"Papa told the story, ne? So he knows how it goes…" Shigure trailed off, blinking wide, violet eyes.

Both teenagers stared at the little child, taking in the ingenuous expression on Shigure's face. Silky purple locks framed the innocent face, making the child look even younger than five years. But the older two knew that there was no underestimating their small sibling; Shigure was often more thoughtful than they were.

Shigure was right and they both knew it.

"Good call, Squirt." Arashi sighed, running his fingers through his long, dark hair. "Where is Papa? I haven't seen him since yesterday and it's not like him to leave Mama."

"Hai." Mei Ame agreed, nodding her head full of amethyst curls, "He didn't leave at all before Shigure was born."

The aforementioned child sighed wearily. "Papa is in his tree." Came the withering reply, "Where else would he be?"

The teens stared. Mei Ame blinked and twinned her hair around her finger. Arashi frowned at his small sibling, always the voice of reason, always matter-of-fact.

"Well, let's go then." The eldest said.


Kanashii Kanau leaned back against the trunk of his favorite tree. Sunlight sifted through the foliage, making strange shadows across his pale face. He pushed back his bangs, basking in the dappled light splaying across him. He would have been enjoying himself, were it not for his mate's discomfort in the advanced state of her fourth pregnancy. He was hidden in the tree because Kodokaze had been particularly emotional lately and the rain spirit wasn't sure he could handle any more of her mindless sobbing.

Kanau loved Kodokaze, this much was certain. But, even after eighteen years since they had stumbled across one another, he just didn't know what to do with her when she was in an exceptionally sensitive state. He was not one for displaying many emotions, nor was he sure how to handle the emotions of others.


Hearing the voice of his youngest child from somewhere down below, Kanau leaned forwards, peering through the branches. A smile crossed his face at the sight of Shigure attempting to squirrel his way up the tree while Mei Ame chided him, telling him he would kill himself if he wasn't careful, and Arashi pulled himself upwards on a low-hanging branch.

"Race ya, Squirt!" Arashi shouted gleefully as he swung further up into the tree.

"If you fall, I'm not helping you, Shigure-chan." Mei Ame grumbled, "And you shouldn't encourage that kind of behavior, Arashi!" She was pulling herself up after the other two, trying hard not to snag her violet curls on a branch, grumbling the whole while. The girl would have preferred the story to be told on firm ground, but with her siblings already halfway up the tree, there was no use arguing that they should all go back to the house.

"So, what's up, kids?" Kanau looked curiously at his offspring as they settled themselves -Shigure on his lap, Arashi and Mei Ame comfortable on surrounding branches- around him in the tree. He snuggled the tiny child into his arms, wondering when Shigure would decide to specify a gender. For five years, he had been confused over the little child's constantly changing gender, but Shigure wasn't old enough to care yet.

"We wanna hear the story about Fumei and Sora. Mei thinks it goes one way and I say that's not right and you know it, so you tell it." Arashi leaned back, hands running through his long main again, pushing his thick hair back from his face.

"That story again?" Kanau blinked, straightening Shigure's cloak and refastening the buttons, which the small child had done up wrong. "Can't you guys ever get it right?"

"It's best when you tell it, Papa." Shigure's neck craned to meet Kanau's scarlet gaze, "Because you told it first." A cheerful smile crossed the little one's face, "Please tell us again."

"Daijoubu…Let me see if I remember how it starts…" Kanau thought for a moment, "A long time ago, when the world was very young, many, many decades before Mama and I were even born…"


Bakabakashii: stupid
Baka: idiot
Hai: yes
Iie: no
Nee-san: Older Sister
Nii-san: Older Brother
Daijoubu: All right