Paint a picture,
Paint it in a dream,
Watch the ink flow out in a pulsing stream,

Make the clouds of dreams,
And the sky of Hope,

Color the ocean blue with Despair,
Little waves of hopelessness breaking here and there,

Paint the cliff rocks stained with years of sorrow,
And don't forget the gentle spray that whispers no tomorrow,

Here the grass that waves silently in the gentle breeze of Hate,
And here the beautiful, fragile flowers that share the lemming's fate,

And don't forget the Sun's consecrated light,
That as the worlds spins round shines even in the night,

And as the light beats down upon our lovely painted scene,
Things hide in the shadows, not wanting to be seen,

And so it is with a bitter heart that I finally see,
This picture painted in my hearts blood,

Will always follow me.