Look at me
Here with no beginning no end
Only the grayness that is this life
So much potential they see yet nothing in my eyes shine
Than seeing my soul released
I feel trapped by these torments
Sketches blooming into gold
I feel bound by these words
Powerful and bold
But where can they take me
What can I see am I a victim
Of false mentality
Or is it true is there really talent here
Is there a light in my eyes
A glow in this smile
Or the same dull reflection of a lie
Something that once was there
But is gone
like a penguin I try to fly
Without wings
But where is my element
Even this daft bird flies in the sea
When will rise
Grow flourish
So many times I ve heard my future
Seen in glimpses of faith and fever
But is that the truth these phantom visions
Or will this reality hold me back
What is it I lack that once found will lift me up
When will I be able to shed all this doubt
To live like I want to stand on my own to lift others up
Set mine on a throne
What inhibition is holding me bound to this life
Keeping me loose in the mud
Stuck I this plight I am no one
With nothing but a pen in my hand
Working miracles with lines
Drawing lives in the sand
And with the wind its gone
Blown away my name forgotten
A fleeting glimpse in the mirror
A blip on the radar of this world
Imagined or real the world will never know until I prove I am something
Sit firm and grow
I must be a vine
climb when I can
Send runners far and wide
Use others as steps
Fight my way to the top even if I turn back
..but is that the way to go?
Will that set me free.
This world is limitless
So fearless I must be