Behind strange walls I stand
Staring blankly in the dark
Will the sun ever set to rise once more
That I may move about freely as if night never came
And darkness is a thing of the past
Haunting these rooms
I drift on currents of passing winds
Mechanical ,five four three.
Here I go again as the fan kicks in
Shivers up my spine
The cold settles to my bones
I'm drifting .
Will they awaken and see me here
Eyes blank mind floating up amongst the stars
Dreaming of escape.
Waiting for the end of my torment
Waiting for the sun to rise
The world to rise
The earth to move once more
My soul cries out and abandons me
This husk sitting here useless
So many hours yet nothing to fill them with
So I type..
Click click click
The sound stirs their sleep
Someone tosses above
Footsteps in the hall, returns
Bad dreams await
Should I venture there?
Invade her dreams
Enter her thoughts
And bend them to my will.
I feel too much for them
In their sleep they find solace
she from the strains of age
She from the strains of youth
I find only troubled visions of .
Times so unpleasant in my dreams
Subconscious maladies follow into waking hours
Seething in the back of my mind
Waiting to be made real
So I sit here and type
Click click click
My fingers fly
The keyboard rattles
If they should awaken
To reassure them of my good will
I shall sleep and suffer the will of my dreams
May they be blessed by angels

4.16.2004 ~Nat