I took your picture,
I let it burn,
And while I watched it,
I saw the embers dance,
I saw the smoke rise,
I watched the corners curl,
Bubble and char.

I watched as our bodies molded,
How we should have been.
I watched as our smiles melted
Making us as one.
I watched as we became unrecognizable,
In a world which was just ours.

I took your picture,
I let it burn.
I let it smolder and writhe.
Within the smoke,
My eyes gazed upon,
How we were,
How we should forever be.

I watched as your hand,
Slid away from mine,
I watched as your eyes,
Glowed red.
I watched the way the corners crisped,
And singed their way in.
I watched as all crumbled to black.

I took your picture,
I let it burn.
Within the golden flames,
The slinking smoke.
I took your picture,
I watched the past die.
I let it burn.

By Siobhan
Date: 16/April/2004