Is that unconditional love?

"That's hard," I said, awestruck,
completely so.
A mother murmured to me resignedly
"Yeah, she's my daughter."
I wanted to cry for the mother,
she looked so tired.
"She wants to leave.
the very thought upsets her brother,"
she looked me straight in the eyes.
I wanted to cry for the brother, the son
"She tries so hard not to give into temptation.
she knows it is wrong
she knows she shouldn't do that to her body."
I wanted to cry for the girl, the daughter, the sister
for all the troubled of the world;
It was too great a feat.
Something else has to be done.
I'll cry this song off into the night.
'be a good girl, you've got to try a little harder'
I beg of you
Do it for those who love you