Winged Soldier

A soldier with wings of dreams
A sword of light
A shield of hope.
A battle he does wage
Against a foe of evil make.
Not afraid of hurt or pain,
Not afraid to fight the night.
One man against the darkness,
A curtain against the soul.
Fight dark with light
Light with dark.
Injustice will not make a stand,
Before the winged soldier it is slain.
A battle to show the lighted path
To those whose path is wrong.
To pull the troubled, darkened soul
Back to the light and joy.
The pain of the troubled he does feel,
His voice adds to their cries,
The blood does mingle here,
Two parts become just one.
If you cannot stand alone, I will help you stand.
If you cannot hear the truth, I will give you ears.
If you cannot care for yourself, at least you care for me.
Not everyone can see your pain,
Not everyone can know.
Stop your endless torment,
Release your darkened soul.
An angel, a soldier he will be,

A war he fights for a shadowed soul.
This is my commitment, my promise to thee,
To be your shield against the malevolent sea.