As I live this life,
I cannot help but wonder,
How many of them walk here,
With eyes that do not see.
They say they understand me,
My struggles to be free,
But is what they say the truth,
Or a sugar coated lie?
So I am not like you,
Or him, or her, or them,
Does that make me different,
Deserving to be shunned?
I still glimpse the blooming of the rose,
Feel the breath of wind,
And hear the calls of birds.
Perhaps I cannot hear as well,
The whispers in my ear,
Maybe it seems I ignore you,
Act like you are not here.
I'm not ashamed of who I am,
Or who I may become,
It's a part of me I'd never change.
Can you rip apart the curtains,
Before your gentle eyes,
And see me as one of you,
Not a girl of unfair lies?
For clearly you can understand,
Please tell me you can see,
I'm not different, weird, or queer,
I'm just me.