If this is love, then I'll keep it
Written by: Felicia Spencer.

Do you remember when
We were so in love
I had never fallen
Didn't know what it was

Until you came along
You made my gray skies blue
My life was somehow complete
From the moment I met you

You showed me such love
So much warmth and understanding
You were never boastful towards me
Nor prideful or demanding

You give me your best
In everything that you do
If I ever needed a friend
I could always rely on you

Why am I so special
How'd I win your heart
Even though we're so different
You've loved me from the start

I don't think that I'll ever give you up
You're too good of a man
I will always hold you close
And keep you forever if I can

You've shown that you're in love with me
And I'm in love as well
I'll love you until the day I die
And our love will never fail