So they say we are opposites
Along the road of time
But who are they to judge?
You think life is all an illusion
And I am conned to believe you
If only I could gaze into your eyes.
I cannot face that fact for I despair
But if I could only hold you once
It might make me feel again.
Colder and longer the night grows
I can only think of you
Should I heed their warning?
Or risk heartbreak
Dejection and rejection
For one simple kiss?
Should I compromise everything I am
To make you happy
To feel something I have never felt before
Could I give it all for nothing
A secret for one
A burden to me
A pleasure for you
Could I make it?
Without killing my soul
And succumbing to sin?
Should I heed the warning?
And give to ecstasy, committing suicide
My weapon all my dreams and wishes
But there is only one warning
I am in love with you.