Who You Are
I know who you think you are,
The Sun the Moon and every star,
Yet my world revolves around you,
And I do not understand why.
It is like there was something missing,
But it still feels empty inside,
I do not know why I am who I am,
Unless I cannot be any other.
I am the type that would waste their wishes,
And drown them with the fishes,
Deep into the well of qualms,
But I would not sacrifice my tears,
To the stars in the sky,
For they are already,
The droplets of heaven's love shed.
A fleeting thought, a passing worry,
I take my time and I never hurry,
To prolong my suffering anymore,
I have to let go, and be free.
Free to move, free to love, free to be,
Something no one said I could,
Someone who I think I am,
Because I cannot be any other.
I would give it all up for that emotional freefall,
And rejoice into that painful knee fall,
Bending at your every want and need,
And not say a word in defiance,
But still I believe that I love you,
If you would feel it also,
Then we both would never be alone.
But I know you are,
The Sun the Moon and every star,
Even though I do not know myself
I pretend to know you.
It is easier to pass judgment
Instead of finding the truth,
You seem so angry and hurt,
So rest your head on my shoulder,
And I will promise it will never happen again.
I know even though you miss her,
I wish you could miss me.