Mirror to my past
Sixty second look at a thousand words
But it is too late
It went too fast
So this is what we had before
Things fell apart
At our feet
It is unsalvageable
How it was formerly
So we have to go on
To the next step
Our second wave
A fresh beginning
To an clich├ęd end
And there is one thing that I have to know
Are you moving yet?
Seems like we were frozen
In this picture of ours
We were not even posing
So this love was true
The candid one speaks
What I could not say for hours
I have never felt this way about anyone
But I know that you feel the way too
Do not be afraid of it
Because you'll only miss it
It has been awhile since that night
My green dress and that funny feeling
That everything was alright
I have been facing the past
And heading toward the future
But still I'm wondering
Are you moving yet?