So what do I have against the world?
Nothing and everything
Its just I hate that the world is dying
And there is nothing I can do for now
Who ever told me to keep silent?
I now
Break my vow
Watch out
I have a mind
And I am not afraid to use it
Why does the crimson come to me?
In every shape and form
Mostly cars
I am staring at life through bloodied sunglasses
Rose colored
But why now?
Well, I have been bleeding since before I was born
Red cars line up
Twos and threes they march
What do they mean?
Are they evil?
Speak of the devil
Here they come
What are these things
That anger me
Ignite me
More then red cars yes
But no more that I can control
It haunts me
Night and day
What is it with the red?
Is it a sign of God?
Or a sign of nothing
Pure coincidence
Been trying to interpret them
For every day but one
Since august 17 2003
The blood comes with it
Drives me to insanity
Reminds me of my humanity
There is nothing that I can do about them
But I look and listen
I wonder if it is my stained soul
I need absolution
God knows
I need God
He knows
Because I have no clue what I have done
Yes I do
Because it is in my little black book
A diary
At the back of my mind
Every sin
Forgot and Forgiven
By everyone but me
If you know them
Then I trust you
If you don't
Tough luck
Those skeletons are not getting out
Yet when I stare at the red blinding me
Lord help me
When I am counting Champagne cars
And bullets in my brain
Cry about it I do not
Weep for everything I do
When reminded of everything about myself
I get up
Brush off
And Walk on
I am not spoiled at all
Just a little pampered
Until I realized ignorance is bliss
And I knew too much
I cannot help it
When I hate the world
It is just sad to see a family
Of 4 and 2/3 paying
Dinner with female honorary Indian dollars
Wrinkled bills
And maybe even food stamps
When I am sitting
Eating healthfully
With children starving in Africa
Where is my conscience?
Talk to me
I cannot take a life alone
A crime was committed fourth period
A helpless bug smashed underneath a slide
For the sake of science
The problem was
I felt no remorse
And volunteered to be its executioner
It is just horrible
When only I can
Miss the bourbon chicken
On bourbon street
The poor are vegetarians
In a world full of meat
What used to satisfy
Now is only filled
By a six course meal
Fat politicians in congress
Eating pork
When they know its not good for them
Gobbling up God's land
For the sake of the green devil
Destroying the air
For themselves to breathe
It is suicide
For they will suffocate first
I must stand up
I must breathe
Oxygen is wasted
On those who do not
Sitting quietly on the fence
Refusing to argue
Lying on rose petals
In a world of fantasy
All I got to say about that
Fuck vulgarity
Fuck reality
Who said who was the answer?
We cannot even think for ourselves
Speak for ourselves
Love ourselves
Make up masks
And whore's clothing
I am proud to be a French one
Standing up to the gigantic one
And being a fallen woman
Who has found the love
Words do hurt
You do not know how they kill
We should not have to beat our children with shovels
To get them to see the world
They should not be told to do
But do themselves
And experience
What a rose looks like
Feels like
Smells like
So they can prick themselves on thorns
And learn from the mistakes of human nature
You know there are too many of them to name
Where have all the roses gone?
Anywhere but here
All around me are dried up beds
And dead bushes
You say we are the future
Where is it?
Why does the sun bother to rise again?
Tomorrow is already dead
The next day
The next day
The next day
All routine
No edgy ways
No one shaking up the system
That is my job
You promised me the future
Where did it go?
Down the hole you dug
Down the road you
Refused to fund
Well I got a flat tire
And I am waiting for help
All us alone ones
Should band together and revolt
We could be a rainbow of colors
Allow me to be red
The epitome of death's blood
Kerouac told me to write this
Said it would make him proud
I told him I loved him
He told me to fuck off
I brought my problems to god
He gave them back
Told me he would help me
If I would follow him
I do
I will
I shall
Back to the confessional booth
It is all my fault
And I would not give it up for the world
Social consciousness should rise a gain
I have rose
Not like Jesus
But from the ash
I return
Building it up again
To bring to the world
The roses it deserves
Lord let me be in politics
I can save this damned world
Raise the social consciousness
The conscience
The little voice inside all of us
Be what ever you want
Only in America
Unless you are poor
Or hopeless
Putting the gun to your head
1 2 3 4 5
I lost count
Because I couldn't feel anything
And that is why I am here
Devil hate me
Lord love me
Lord conquers the devil
You took this world evil
I have got news
I am taking it back
There is nothing more I would not give
But my life
To end the injustice
To Washington I come
And there is no human who can stop me
So turn off your rose colored glasses
Face the world
You will be better off
Then if you had killed your dreams
For the hopes of another
I hate it especially when
Your father speaks to you
Parenting 18 years worth
In two months
Especially when you are 17
And he was hardly there in your mind
He was there
He was here
He was with you
And he will be
You mother orders for you
That is ok
Its what is good for you?
Parents take a stand
There is nothing more you can do
But to sit them down
And reach out
Because they don't got a life line
In the rocking boat
Of life.
Tell me what you think
Tell me what you feel
You are wrong
And you are right
Do not allow me to get near you
I will murder you
Like my old self you know
I just grow deaf
And I just grow dumb
But I will never go blind
Because I see your true intentions
Rose among you
God came
You do not even know it
Join me in my hell
You made it
Do not complain
The red always comes back
Until evil is gone
The inferno rises
I have got the bucket
And I have got the water
All I have to do
Is throw it
To extinguish you
Die bitch
Die bastard
You can go back to the demon life you came from
And leave me alone
A trance comes over me
As I lay down
As I sit down
As I leave you to contemplate
All I have said
All I have done
And all I will do
Carpe diem
Carpe nocteum
I dare you
To push me further
If you don't
You will be sorry
Bring it one
I am tough like the rose
And I do not need anyone to call me beautiful
I will go die now
See you in hell
Or maybe heaven
If the lord forgives me
I can do more then what I say
If only you help me
Rest in peace
All those Iraqis
Buried in graves
Raised with the flag
Rest in peace
All those AIDS victims
The West will not save you enough
Unless roses cure disease.