I am the Night's possession,
My dreams are the chains,
My tears are ropes that bind me.
The Night comforts me, protects me, loves me,
The derogatory kisses it gives me take my fear and breath away.
Night strokes my hair gently,
As if one was facing the wind.
The Night invigorates me, and holds me in its arms,
It never works out its evil on me,
It rocks me in its velvet curtain.
Whenever it is suffering, I cure it,
The same as it does for me,
When insomnia invades me,
Night sings me a lullaby,
With it's twinkling and blinking stars,
And then lays me down to sleep.
When I have lost the light,
Its moon guides me through its darkness,
So I will not trip or fall.
The Night is my inspiration,
I possess IT only then,
Because when the sun sets and the day dies,
It is truly then,
When I come alive.