I Contemplate

Why must the moon cry for me
And bring me this evening storm
Clouds above my head gather
In such shapely form
Looking up I see what is inevitable
A deluge of rain starts to pour
The hurt I feel deep inside
Inundates my system
Leading me outside to stand
Tied, chained to grieving emotions
Prisoner; no, slave to myself and death
For what am I but a pawn
Strained anger held back
Only to be released with much fury
Pacing and pacing, ranting
Like the tortured madmen
For I am mad at men but only one
Releasing my anger does not do me justice
Serenity at last, I look down onto the puddle below
I watch the water flow like a river in the gutter
While the last raindrop falls
Leaving me cold and lonely within
Just as the single teardrop stains my face
All this I contemplate