Alright, so in grade nine my English teacher thought it would be a jolly good time for his students to write freely their thoughts into a journal before each class. I contemplated whether this was, in fact, just a bit of laziness, but I confess I did enjoy it; how could a writer not? Anyhow, he would give us a topic - most of them quite odd and peculiar - and ask us to write. Flying Pigs was firstly penned down, and Green Lions almost a month later. I thought they both sounded Dr. Suess-ish enough for them to reside on the same page. Happy reading!

Flying Pigs

late in the night,
I thought I heard,
a pig in flight!

It squealed and oinked,
all over the place.
Somehow, I think
it was in a race.

Flying pigs,
began racing past,
they looked like geese,
though not as fast.

And then, my friends,
I kid you not,
those pigs came in,
and stole my cot!

Up, up and away!
they squealed in delight,
and pulled me upwards,
imagine my fright!

And then those piggies,
those rascals, my gosh,
they threw me into the mud hole,

And so, mommy dearest,
that's why I'm a mess,
that's why there is mud,
all over my dress.

Green Lions

it rained a lot,
it rained so hard,
into the pot.

It rained so hard,
I heard a THUMP!
And you've never heard,
such a thump, wump, bump!

I looked out the window,
and what did I see?
Green Lions,
were climbing up the tree!

They fell from the sky,
what an odd sort of thing,
Green lions, green lions,
Hm, it has a nice ring.

They fell from the sky,
and beckoned me out,
Come play, Come play!
They started to shout.

I had to go see them,
I had to, you see,
they wanted to play,
in the rain, just with me

I ran outside,
into the rain and the muck.
My dress was all wet,
and my shoes said Splur-Kluck!

Daddy, dearest Dad,
I didn't mean to disobey,
But the lions, those green ones,
they just wanted to play.

Thanks for reading! Please tell me what you think.