I fight against myself,
I can see but I can't feel,
Consciousness upon a shelf,
Inside my own mind I reel,

Reality shudders violently,
Something inside screaming,
Time revolves and ceases to be,
Virulent thoughts inside teaming,

A world is cast into shadow,
And it's still spinning around,
Black and white is all I know,
I cry out for life without sound,

All that's left is something false,
I stagger and lose my pulse,

Only to have another take it up again.

The other.

I cannot find it as it burrows in,
It forces me from myself again,
It dips my hands into the sin,

It plunges me,
Into the blood,
Of a thousand broken hearts,
Red is cast upon my mind,
It fractures and fades and is thrown back again,

Little thought left I stumble,
All that's left of my world tumbles,
Across my sight and into the night,
Of a million putrid things,
Inside me evil nature sings,

I trip and stagger through time,
Hundreds of after images follow me,
They are black and white you see.

I can't keep,

For something else it at my body's helm,
Another being controls my rightful realm,

Crimson flowers blossom before my mind's eye,
I feel as if my control has died,

And then I wake up.