Chicken Flu

Chickens chickens
got the flu.
Chickens chickens
go Ah-choo!
Bawk bawk
there's nowhere to hide!
Bawk bawk
They're all gonna die~

It all began
with a little virus.
A crooked croak,
then hear the sirens!!

Seal the area from the
deadly chicken sickness,
Oh help the poor chickens!
Save the country's business!

Beware in this time of crisis
the poultry's meat slices!
Infected they are
so don't you dare!
Touch one drop of blood
or feathery hair!

What to do
how to stop this plague.
Slaughter doesn't work
so let's use the flames.
There's no other way
it has got to stop!
Quickly cleaned up
and quickly forgot!
Decision is made
yet the owners fight.
But no choice left
no alternative in sight.
So it's time to work together,
to hope for the better.
As the oblivious birds soon
go to their doom....

Feathers fly
go into the flames!
Time to say goodbye
oh what a shame.
Goodbye chickens.
It will never be the same.
As billions of dollars
go down the drain....