Red comb
In plain sight yet seldom seen
When lights out your presence gleam
From the corner of down cast eyes
Your face appears then denies
Like looking at a mirror darkly one once clear
Now quite starkly
Gone are you when need be here
Confused am I who've seen your face
Peering from some deep crevice

But when I searched your eye I did not see
Although you are there watching me
How far off have my mind wandered
Am I close or should I ponder
The vision which I thought I saw
Of you laying prone on this floor
Beneath my feet and beneath my chair
Beneath yet I know you're there
Yet now I look and do not see
Why the hell must you do this to me?
Show your self I am going crazy
Staring at these carpets maybe
The only thing that keeps me sane
For I have seen what now I thought I saw
Were you there or am I braw
Am I tripping if so let me fall
You weren't on the floor at all.

Lol yes I am bored.its 7:25 am.. i am awake. .physically .