Red comb
I see you there in repose so alone
Ignoring the gnawing of my bones
Unswayed by the rage in my heart
As I tare the room apart questing
With sword and shield
Through stacks and pylons high
Seeking through the densest forest with my eagle eye
Ever blind to the obvious truth
There you lay
Three feet from where I left you
Yet you say not a word
As I pass you over calling your name
Telling others of your fame
So if they may pass you
In the by and by
You will know that I have never given up hope
Here two month like eons have gone by
My hair now mused and dry
Shedding uncontrollably
Tangling in the traces as I mush hither
In search of you my holy grail
My Excalibur to slay these demonic tresses
To break its very soul
Until it lay in repose like you
Framing this weary face
Red comb
I have suffered so with out you