One More Chance

By:Andrew Troy Keller

It has been three years since Shawn and Wilma Roddenberry had divorced over his overbearing work schedule and they haven't seen each other since,for even though they had told each other to drop dead,it has actually became that they were still in love with each other,but were unable to bring themselves to admit it.

But then,on Saturday,which was the Seventeenth day of April,their good friend,George Stewart had invited Shawn to join him on a Jamaican island for the weekend--and after he had thought about it,Shawn had decided to accept the invitation,unaware that George had also invited his ex-wife to join them as well.

Just then,after their plane has landed at a Jamaican airport,both Shawn and George had gotten into a cab and allowed the driver to take them to a nearby hotel,where they would check in,get changed and go have some fun at the local beach.

But suddenly,after he had walked into his hotel room,the look of sudden shock had appeared on Shawn's face,for sitting on his bed was his ex-wife,Wilma--and she was wearing nothing,but her birthday suit.

"Hello,Shawn.I know what you're thinking right now.",said the Susan Saint James type beauty,after she had gotten off the bed and started to slowly walk towards him."But you don't need to get mad at George,for he has done it for our own good--and besides,You know as well as I do that we've made a terrible mistake in getting that divorce and I wish it never had happened.So what do you say,Shawn?Shall we give our love one more chance?"

And then,after he had looked at Wilma and realized that she was right about their divorce being a mistake,the only answer that Shawn had given her was wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her ever so passionately on the lips.

After the kiss,Wilma had looked at Shawn,let out a smile and asked,"Why do I have the feeling that I should take that as a 'Yes'?"

And so,after he had locked the door behind him and removed all of his clothes,both Shawn and Wilma had placed their nude bodies on the bed and began to have the most sensually erotic moment since their wedding night,while everyone else on the Jamaican island had kept on going with their own business.

Sometime later,after they had finally compleated their moment of pure erotica,the two reunited lovers had collapsed into each other's naked arms due to exhaustion.

"That was wonderful,Shawn.",said Wilma,after she had placed her head on his bare chest."I should've noticed that all we've needed was more romance in our lives."

"That's very true,Wilma.",said Shawn,while he was running his gentle fingers through Wilma's hair."But instead,we've acted like wee little brats and gotten ourselves a stupid divorce."

And then,after she had looked up at Shawn and let out a small smile,Wilma had placed a gentle hand on his cheek,took a deep breath and said,"Well then,why don't we send those wee little brats to their rooms and start acting like grown-ups for a change?"

"That sounds like a pretty good idea.",answered Shawn,after he had smiled at her.

And then,after they had snuggled up to each other,both Shawn and Wilma had fallen asleep within their naked arms.

Just then,after they had arrived at the hotel's restaurant and saw George sitting at a table with Wilma's sister,Toni,a sudden thought had came to her and caused her to say,"That Son of a...!No wonder he wanted us to get back together.So that I won't be around to nag her over living alone and not getting married."

Then,after he had let out a good hearty doze of laughter,a confused Wilma had looked at Shawn and asked,"What's so funny about that?"

"It's quite simple,Wilma.We've both realized that getting that divorce a really big mistake and had trouble in admitting it.",said a smiling Shawn."So,what George has done was give us the push that we've needed--even if there was a personal agenda involved."

And after she had realized that he was right about George helping them get back together in spite of a personal agenda,she decided to let George marry her sister.