Belonging Arms
The beauty I could not retain
Has stared at me through the mirror
Tainted with the rape of sin
To the point I cannot recognize myself
Where I cannot be
Nothing to do but shatter that glass
And pray that the end will come
Beyond repair my soul is dying
To the point where the dead taunt me
They draw me into their hell
And selfish desire beckons me
But I will not go
Fighting tooth and nail
I will not forsake
Something I hold so dear
So while I throw it all away
Forgive me where I stand
All I have done is cause pain
And only God can save me
It is like I keep committing suicide
But always am given a second chance
The angels in my eyes tell me
What silence already knows
I will be fine
I will live again
The pain will be eased
As long as I return
To the arms where I belong
Yet I have fallen so many times
There is no skin left on my knees
Yet the Lord calls to me
Get up and breathe
I am with you always
Just do not surrender your hope
That is what love is
Undying and everlasting
Life as one
Life as none
No fear
Just peace
Into the arms where you belong
While one path wide and long
Tempts you
At the end of the narrow one
Are the arms where you belong
Are the eyes you seek
Are the hearts you love
And all you are looking for
In defiance of evil
Take the narrow
Love will be your sword
To slice the thorns
And you will always be welcome
Into my arms
Where you belong