50 Miles
Driving along the highway
Crank up the radio
To avoid awkward conversation
Communication, confrontation
Silence is our fluent language
But the road signs assure me
Its 50 miles to nowhere

Is it just me,
Or is Venus getting closer,
And the world drifting farther away?
Is it the time,
That is passing before us,
Or just my future in the palm of my hand?
So much I want to break from you
So much I need to find myself
Is it the resonating of rebellion
Or just the want of something more?

Who asked you in the beginning?
Who granted you my life?
Who told you what to tell me?
Who hurt me so much before?
I do not blame you
I do not want to harm you
I do not wish any wrong
Just I need to see what feels so right.

I am convinced I am going nowhere fast
40 Miles to go
If I don't follow my dreams
25 miles to go
I'll end up somewhere down the line
10 Miles to go
No doubt I will be lost
With no miles to go
Too late I am already there
Will you be there to rescue me?

50 Miles to nowhere
Lost along the road of life
But any trail has got to lead somewhere
To something
To some place other then here
Lead me there
Cause I cannot live in nowhere anymore.