Beautiful Anger
No matter what
I cannot tell you what I am feeling
Its like a bomb exploded
And there is nothing left but ash
Its like there was nothing inside
To begin with
But empty wishes
And dreams unfulfilled

Am I angry at the rain?
For falling down on me
Am I feeling deprived?
For walking this road before
I just need a reason to believe
That there is nothing wrong
And as I turn to the moon
I do not know why.

What is it like in heaven?
Is there snow falling on the angels
Blinding everyone with light
With love
With everything I want
But could never have

Am I just angry with myself?
And that you are not here with me
Am I feeling broken?
And that I am oh so torn
I just need a reason to see
Everything I've done wrong
As I face the world
I know why.

Why cannot life be easier?
I hate all this control,
It makes me angry
Completely miserable
The letdown oh so strong
Its like I could not be
I could not be
Well I must be
And I must see

Am I just angry at the sun?
For rising down on me
Am I just losing everything?
All I am left with is anger
Beautiful anger
Leave me
Rid me of this vanity
Beautiful anger
You are suffocating me
My only choice is to shatter the mirror
To make you go away
Since beauty is wasted on those who hate it.