Lacking Substance

Well I allowed the floodgates to open,
And now I try to dam it up with all my lies,
I must have fooled myself into believing you,
Because nothing you ever said made any sense,
It all lacked logical substance,
I must have fooled myself into listening,
Because even though I thrive off words,
There was something missing in everything you said,
Just like your empty promises,
They all lacked substance.
They all lacked everything that meant everything,
Not just to me,
But to everyone else as well,
Sign me off as you will,
But today is just as viable as tomorrow,
So if I fall speechless now,
Expect later for me to return soon.
I must have fooled myself into repeating,
What you told me to others,
With all those sentences so crafty,
I fooled all my friends.
They liked everything you were,
They liked all the potential you could have been,
But even your existence lacks substance,
So they were just as fooled as I.
Do not even bother to turn back,
Do not even bother to try to fix what is not broken,
Since I am only damaged a little,
Your words did hurt,
As I am sensitive to the tricks of the brain,
Your words destroyed my trust,
So I will destroy you inside my self.
Get out of my mind,
Take your propaganda with you,
Take all the deceit to wherever you will go,
Get out of my eyes,
Because I can look right through you,
Since all you are lacks substance,
I see you as invisible.