So Young

I am young and strong
But I already have arthritis in my hands
From beating myself down
And I feel you scratching at my throat
I always knew you wanted me dead
I always knew you wanted me.
Wanted me like the predator you are
Watching my moves
As if we were playing chess.
But when you pulled out your gun
You told me it was checkmate
Unless I do what you wished.
But what I wished is not what you wished
And since it is my body your wish will not come true.
So will I accept the death?
Indeed I will
And there is nothing you can do to stop me.
If you will not do it before you finish
Take notice that I will do it after.
Then at my funeral they will say
"Oh she was so young!"
And from the grave I will resonate
"But I am not naïve."
Put your weapon away
Mine is bigger
I have a lack of faith and hope in this world
And myself.
So I am that ticking time bomb
One day it will explode.
Maybe it will be on you.
Do not assume that because I am young
I will not put up a fight
Battle me to the death
I almost guarantee that I will win.
Can your ego take a loss?
Can your pride take a slashing?
Rebellion is my anthem
And I am young
It is a chemical mixture for disaster
And I want to spill my blood on you.
I want my acid words to eat your skin.
I want my toxic touch to melt you
Until you become the nothing that you are.
Never assume
That because I am young
That I do not know pain
I know it more then you know
Since I remember this everyday.