Aim For Jesus


In the Darkness,

Morphing, to a tattered carcass

Fathom the feeling

Of minds reeling

Running an endless race

Just jogging in place

Erecting a dark tower

Snakes glower

Under the flames of hell

Squeezing the souls.


He'll protect you with love sheilds

Even guarding you with truth swords a weild

Who wants to live that way.

Hell's mirror is in play

One crack distorts

Repeat Chorus

Lead the demon's reports

In circular patterns

Vanishing the false lanterns

Erasing their purpose

Savior Jesus is gaining surplus

Angels can't stop the lion from roaring

None of us are scoring

Devil just won't win

Repeat Chorus

Love perserves us kin

One, together, under Christ

Virtuous is the price

Evil will lie (but)

Satan will die