Rain poured down in torrents, accompanied by peals of lightning and cracks of thunder, a perfect reflection of Arya's mood. She was hiding in the bone- chilling cold of her family's library, in the back corner room of the castle that had once been a sign of the royal family's wealth but was now falling to ruin. Arya often sought refuge here, among the crimson silk curtains and overstuffed black and red armchairs, from the pressures of her life- including those of the near-daily heated arguments with her father over the ruling of the kingdom of Melhon. Beautiful Melhon with its rolling hills and fields. Melhon, overlooking the sea and offering the most breathtaking views Arya had ever seen, though she had been many places. Most of these arguments were over the aspect that made Melhon the most famous though: their horses.

The pure-bred Adalusian horses of Melhon were the country's pride and joy. They were many different colors, but many had distinguishing marks like patches on their foreheads or legs. King Henry wished to sell some of these horses- give them actually- to another king who was planning on invading Melhon. Arya could not oppose this more.

The brown haired girl thought of her perfect chestnut horse with its star shaped patch on its forehead and wished she could ride. It would not be wise in this rain, but it would certainly help cool her temper. She sent up a quick prayer instead, like her mother had often done, for her anger to be cooled and her wits restored. Feeling no immediate relief, Arya grabbed a large, hollow book from off of the top bookshelf, opened it, revealing a hidden leather bound diary. When she had first found this book, half of it was filled with her grandmother's writing- from when the kingdom was new and Gwyneth was Arya's age. The dutiful granddaughter had read it, then had decided to start writing her own legend.

Untying the lavender ribbon that bound the gold etched book shut, Arya began to scribble furiously, blotting the yellowing page with her dark purple ink in many places. When she was drawing to a close, she found herself quoting scripture, in particular Psalm 25:4 and 5:

'Show me your ways, O Lord, teach me your paths, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in You all day long.'

Arya closed the book whispering, "Please grant me your wisdom and help me restore my kingdom, Lord. And please help me love my father," she added as an afterthought.