How they hang and how they glisten,
Listen, just listen how they glisten!
Cracking glass, a high pitched scream
Changes the shadows to blinding light.
How they howl!
How they moan!
If I had known, only known of this sound,
I would turn around and race away into the night!
In the eternal obscurity,
I would find solace.
Not like underneath the shades of right now,
Of this moment.
Why do you shine?
Let me be ignorant of your light,
Of your hideous so joyous smiles!
You are phantoms to me,
Untouchable specters, come to hang,
Just hang within my reach,
Growing ever brighter.
Go away!
You burn my eyes,
Feed my insanity,
Leave me to slowly rot!
Pretending I don't exist only to shine, brighter.
Blind me, and don't let me see what's not there!
For you are ghosts,
And I should not see you,
But you... me.