Done It Again
Guess I've done it again,
Worn my heart on my sleeve
And been surprised when it got torn
You think I would have learned by now
What to expect from you.
It still hurts though when you tell me you've got no idea
About something I've said a thousand times
Guess I'm not the only one
Who doesn't always listen here.
Wonder why after all this time
I'm still naïve enough to tell you these things
You think I would have learned by now
That you'll just discredit them and through them away.
I don't know what to think about you
You're like a wind that that could change at any minute
And blow me right back out to sea.
I don't think you really mean to do it
Tearing me up like I'm nothing and no one
But that doesn't change the fact
That you've done it a thousand times, anyway.
Stop trying to change my mind,
Despite the fact that you don't like,
The way it's been made up.
I like it just the way it is
But I'm not sure how much longer I can take this
Until I break and let you model me like clay.
I guess that was supposed to be funny,
So go ahead and walk all over me,
Since you don't really mean to be cruel
I'm going to have to forgive you anyway
Albeit against my will