A vast distance of baron land
This is home. Where I stand.
On my own away from lies
In the desert nothing dies.
I'm tired of routine rules and plan
Laid down in stone by foolish man
Here in the world, smoke and dirt
Artificial pain and hurt
Nothings true here in the city
Painted over things so gritty
Worries woes and things so true
Packed away far from you
You think you're happy, you are wrong
Just mesmerized by city song.
Out in the desert here I stand
In my home of baron land
I feel the wind blow through my hair
And know there's nothing for me there
Simple life is all I know
Back to metal I'll not go
In natures ground I have my day
Without strings I'm free to play
I know where life is. Here it's found
In natures ocean, all around