Dreams overspent,
Thoughts left unkempt,
And thus is my perceived future,

Nightmares come true,
Silent nights black and blue,
Contemplating what awaits,

As I lie awake here,
Pondering my deepest fear,
I wonder to myself,

What dreams may come,
To me lying deaf and dumb,
To the hope of tomorrow?

The Grapes of Wrath,
Lie upon a different path,
I gaze off into nothingness,

Shadows dance in the corners of my mind,
I forget to look inside and find,
That I feel an isolation creeping in,

Elegance of stance and thought,
Is lost upon me for my draught,
Is that of apathy,

Colloquial fury and the rebukes of the Wise,
Compared to mine own inequities are lies,
I fade away into myself today,

As I look around my fragile form cracking and worn,
I see few akin to me and the sufferings that have torn,
Through my old self and birthed me anew,

And so I gaze up at the stars,
And wonder what phantasmal avatars,
Dance across the heavens this night,

And so I wonder in my thoughts,
What dregs of sorrow tomorrow shall be my draught,
As I yet remain?