Cherry Lips
This poem isn't the type I usually write. Actually I wrote it a few months
ago.its about this need for someone, like a thirst.I dunno.its hard to
explain.please no flames.

A drink so needed
That my lips have pleaded
For a cool smooth liquid
That could drown my crave

The sun bakes my skin
My soul has worn thin
You turn and you grin
As I walk towards you

My attention span snaps
As I fantasize waves lap
At an island off the map
Where I drink tropical cocktails

I run into your arms
Where I know I'll come to no harm
My soul is soothed; all is calm
I turn towards your beautiful face

A glass of water suddenly appears
Its coolness frosty like penguin's tears
The hot breeze no longer painfully sears
My skin never touched by you whom I love

I see your lips of sugared cherry
And wonder if he would openly let me
Steal a kiss, for this thirst I've tried to bury
For so long now that it's hurting, I cant express my love.