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(We arrive back where we started. The second sermon of the day is set to begin, as the weather is now sunny without any presence of the rain prior in the rest of the scenes. The people of the town arrive once more and file in one by one, greeted by the reverend. Joel's parents, Elizabeth and Matthew, in clothing similar to everyone else, enter first to greet the reverend.)

Reverend Sears: (Shaking hands once more) Ah Elizabeth, how are you, dear? It's nice to see you here today.

Elizabeth: (Shaking hands) I'm very well, Reverend, how are you today?

Reverend Sears: I'm simply splendid, simply splendid. (Turning to Matthew) And how are you, Matthew? It's a fine day, is it not?

Matthew: Sure is, Reverend. (Shakes reverend's hand) You seem to be in a rather chipper mood this afternoon, are you not?

Reverend Sears: I feel as if I am next to God today. I haven't felt this joyful in ages.

Matthew: That's grand, Reverend.

Elizabeth: Indeed it is. Now if you'll excuse us, we must go find a seat, they're filling up fast from what I've seen.

Reverend Sears: (In agreement) Yes, yes. Very well then, enjoy the sermon today. (Elizabeth and Matthew find a seat as Joel and Rebecca enter once more, wearing a more casual attire this time. Joel in a black dress shirt and blue jeans, while Rebecca wears black dress pants and a yellow blouse.) Ah, there's my wonderful daughter. How are you dear?

Rebecca: (A bit surprised) Uh, I'm fine daddy, how are you?

Reverend Sears: I'm very well now; I'm full of the faith and love this afternoon. (Frowns a bit) And how are you this afternoon, Joel, my boy?

Joel: (Also surprised) Well, I'm all right; the weather's looking better, so that's a good thing.

Reverend Sears: It is indeed. You two better go and find yourselves somewhere to sit. I shall start soon.

Rebecca: Okay, daddy.

Joel: Yes, sir. (The two move and find the same seat they had during the first sermon of the day towards the front as the reverend moves his way up and prepares himself for a short sermon of the afternoon prior to the Sunday dinners.) So what do you think is up with your father? What'd I do now?

Rebecca: (Laughs) I have no idea what's up with him.

Joel: Well what did you say to him? Because he's acting really strange.

Rebecca: I didn't say anything that I haven't said before. Who knows?

Reverend Sears: Please, everyone, settle down. (Murmurs in the crowd quiet and everyone looks attentively towards the reverend) Thank you. Now, earlier today I had said something to the extent that we should not respect, let alone care about those who were different from us in our beliefs, and otherwise. As I have had a few hours to sit on this. I realize that I'm wrong. That is the simple reason to why all our holy wars, our Crusades, were fought, and are still being fought. Because we are different. We cannot do anything about what they believe or don't believe in. They are their own people, and have the right to do what they please. If anything, our society is one that should now judge on who the person is inside. Gandhi, and the Dalai Lama. Those were two great people, who have influenced and helped many. They do not exactly follow our beliefs do they? Hitler on the other hand, he did follow our beliefs, but to an extreme. But do we deem him a good person because of that? Even Muhammad Ali, a Muslim, had a lasting impact on our society. (Looks towards Joel once more) It just goes to show that people, no matter who they are, should be judged on who they are on the inside. Not what they wear, what they look like, or what they believe in. In the end, we all come from the same egg. We are the children of God, just as Jesus was. He gave his only son away, to save us, and our sinning ways. We should love our Lord with our heart, soul, and mind, and love our neighbors the way we would want to be loved. On an unrelated topic, the word 'love' in society has been overused today as well. (Nods head, while smiling towards Joel and Rebecca, and then looks out over the entire church) It should be used when a man and a woman truly care for one another with more than they ever thought possible. As it is now, people have thrown the word around without a care. And yet there are others, who haven't even said the word to each other, as if the word is taboo. There are people here that have a unique bond that is hard-pressed to be broken. Those are the people that are in love. The ones that are willing to give up anything, do anything, and say anything for the other one, no matter the consequences or hurt feelings. (Rebecca and Joel look towards each other, smiling) We are the children of God. We are all siblings, all related in the never-ending cycle called life. Thank you for your time, our time together, as a family of God. God bless you all. (Everyone begins to exit the church, murmuring about the sermon. Rebecca, Joel, and their parents are the only people left.) So what did you kids think?

Rebecca: (Hugs her father) That was possibly the best sermon I have ever heard from you, daddy.

Joel: Yeah, Mr. Sears. That was great.

Reverend Sears: Thank you, Joel. (Looks towards his wife and Joel's parents) So, honey?

Joanna: Yes, dear?

Reverend Sears: Do you think we could accommodate three more at dinner tonight? That is, if Elizabeth and Matthew are willing to come.

Joanna: I'm sure we can. (Turns to Elizabeth and Matthew) Well? Would you like to have dinner with us tonight?

Matthew: I don't see why not, as long as it's okay with you, sweetie.

Elizabeth: I'd love to, (Turing to Joel) what about you, Joel?

Joel: Do you even need to ask? I'd love to! (Reverend coughs, and motions Joel towards Rebecca) What? Oh…Rebecca, I have something to tell you. (Taking her hand)

Rebecca: Yes, Joel?

Joel: Well, what your father said, it's true. Love is a strong word that's tossed around without much care lately. But in all honesty, I really do love you more than anything else on this earth. You are my guiding light, the moon of my night, and the stars in my sky. You will always be the beautiful light of day in my eye.

Rebecca: I love you, too, Joel. (The two kiss, because what sappy play would be complete without a make out scene?)

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