Twisted fates, the whisper's silent song
The spindled clouds that trail 'cross early dawn
Two hearts that cry, embraced by mortal's wrong
Souls exhaled in days bygone.
Granite angel's loves entombed in stone
Enduring years and ages will condone
Set Apart by pride to walk alone,
And foolish words long after to bemoan.
Regret for tempests wrath and storm-wrought tears
That linger raining down for all the years
The clouded visions of nightmare's torrid fears
Forgiving words that love will never hear.
Ghostly dreams that drift across the sea
Of fog that snares away reality
And wishings that can never be
For passions parted by eternity.
The fair maiden and the gallant prince
who loved and haven't spoken since.
But still long with every human sense
To drop the walls of competence.
To forget it all, and dwell in happy days,
Again to stand alone upon the quays,
And to embrace the wind before it razed
One life, and stole the other's gaze.
She cried after a shadow, chased a storm
But after those days she could never conform
To the way she once lived, for her heart was torn
Between memories and an endless forlorn.
And the heart she lost to love's despair
And the breeze that brought back memories fair
She sang out her sorrow, with no other care
Than to dance with him, it was too much to bear
And so, the sky, dark heart brimming with rain
Met the earth and took away her name,
And thunderous hauntings driving her insane
Became the shades of mortal maiden's bane
But still she walked the earth alone,
Calling his name, through forests overgrown,
And only a trace could she find of things once known,
Before she gave in, spent, and tired to the bone.
And only the flitting specters heard her say...
For they alone knew her dreams at her dying day
Her whispered songs, and eyes aglow with sun rays.
And waves of gold that flowed and bore her away.