Chapter 23

Even though about a month and a half had passed, Clap had not changed one bit. He passed me hilarious and random notes in class that had me hiding inside my textbook so no one would see me laughing. I obviously don't have any of those anymore, but I remember one. It said something like, "Yesterday I had this weird dream that I was a balloon, and when I tried to tie my shoes, I deflated." (Look, if you don't think that's funny, I don't know what's wrong with you. Heh. Kidding. I have a weird sense of humour in real life). Then when I laughed he would look as if he had been reading his notes intently, and if I happened to squeak, he would glance up as if my giggling was a personal affront to him, which was just more hilarious.

Sadly enough, this was only the first day. It was also bad because Troy took the same classes as me, and even though I sat beside him, he looked a little bit annoyed at me because naturally, Clap was on the other side. And class had started too abruptly for me to introduce them. Of course after a whole bloody class of biting my own wrist to keep from laughing out loud, my sides hurt and Troy didn't wait up, instead he just moved on to the next block. So of course I didn't get the chance until lunch time, and by that time, Troy was talking to Brian and Anna and the girls were in the line up.

"Do you have any male friends?" Clap muttered at me after we left the lunch line.

I shrugged, scowling a little at Troy, who caught my eye and looked away like it was nothing. Why did he have to be so weird about everything? Besides I was pretty sure that Clap would like him because Troy was just as weird as he was. I mean, you could take one look at Troy and see his piercings, baggy black jeans, and thinly applied black eyeliner, and you would know he was Clap's kind of fellow. Not that I was keen on finding Clap's kind of fellow since I automatically assume that I am Clap's kind of fellow. ::dies of horror:: (It's amazing what a person feels comfortable saying when you're not there to raise an eyebrow at them).