Misty nights I've spent alone,
Crying and aching down to the bone,
A queen that's fallen from her throne,
Broken wings that could have flown.
All around the darkness still,
Shadows move cross the windowsill,
I gaze from my place among the hills,
Long to go down and show my will.
Summits high and valleys low,
Solid grounds where I fear to go,
Instead I bend my head and sew,
The weaving tattered, row by row...
Colors bright for life and light,
Starlight from the skies at night.
Grays and shades for wrong and right,
Black for blindness, loss of sight.
All the things I'd never be,
And fears that stood and glared at me,
I hung my head, ashamed to see,
Bound a slave, instead of free.
Rather than show my face to you,
Show my colors, tried and true,
Drop the mask of painted hue,
Because of all the things I'd do...
All the things that I have done,
They wouldn't accept the tales I've spun,
Nor woven through the flax and run,
The truth of each and everyone.
I know the reasons that they fear,
I see all, all do I hear,
For I have traveled far and near...
But never have I traveled here.
They won't accept me, for what I know,
Their secrets that will grow and grow,
The crimes committed far below,
The realm of innocence, and so...
I stay here through my misty nights,
And follow the tails of dream kites,
Till the moonbeams, all alight,
Descend to take me out of sight.