What I Want in a Guy

    "I think Kurt Mathers is absolutely gorgeous! Did you see him during basketball practice? I thought I was going to die right there! He took off his shirt right in front of me, then asked if I'd mind it for him until the end of the game! I totally almost fainted!"  Kirsten  screeched to her friend Kristy over the phone.

    "Yeah, because the BO almost overpowered the gallon of perfume you put on yourself,"  Sunny muttered as she walked past her sisters room.

    As she predicted a shoe flew past her head, to hit the opposite wall. Fortunately, she ducked in time, throwing a smug smile at her sister, over her shoulder and continued on her way. She smiled once again upon hearing her sisters enraged howl then the slam of a door.

    She skipped down the stairs to the kitchen, still grinning. Her older brother, Derek, high-fived her as he exited the kitchen.

    Their mother shook her head in exasperation, then resumed chopping vegetables for dinner. "Try not to irritate Kirsten too much. Remember last time, she threw great Aunt Lorelei's music box over the balcony because you woke her up at four in the morning. We're just lucky Aunt Lorelei is much more understanding than great aunt Uma."

    Sunny smiled at the memory. "Man, but wasn't it funny!"

    Her mother raised an eyebrow. "You sat in a tree outside her window playing your Limp Bizkit album, full volume, at four in the morning. Maybe it was funny for those involved in the prank, but not for other innocent bystanders who were asleep at the time. Your just lucky Mrs. Garcia, next door, is deaf."

    "Sorry mom. I'll try not to affect innocent people on my quest to make my beloved sibling's life hell,"  she stated matter-of-factly, reaching for half a chopped carrot.

    Her mother rolled her eyes. "One of these days you'll wake up and realize you actually love your sister."

    "Oh, I know it already. I just ignore the fact because it's a whole lot more fun."

    At that point someone rang the doorbell.

    "Could you be a dear and get that?"  her mother asked.

    "I'm always a dear," Sunny said with a perfectly straight face, then flounced away to answer the front door.

    When she opened the door she saw a vision of American teen perfection standing on the front porch. Tall, tanned, blond hair, blue eyes, and muscular. Which could be explained by the football jersey jacket he was wearing.

    She looked him up and down critically.

    "Kiiirrrrssssttteeeeenn! Your flavour of the week has arrived!"  Sunny called through the house with a certain amount of glee.

    The guy actually blushed.

    "Um, actually…I'm here to see…" he looked down at a piece of paper in his hand. "…Sunny. Sunny Fields."

     Surprised but not showing it, she raised her eyebrows. "And why would you be seeking she?"

    He flushed again. "Uh. Well, I wondering if she could tutor me."

    Her sister bounced down the stairs.

    "Sorry sis. Seems lover boy is here for me, not you. My mistake,"  she said with a small smirk.

    Kirsten glared at Sunny, then looked past her. Her eyes widened incredulously.

    "Zac? What are you doing here? And why would you want my sister?" she spat the word.

    Sunny smirked again. "Wouldn't you like to know?"

    Zac went red again, tugging at his shirt collar, nervously.

    "Uh, hey Kirsten. I-I just need help with some of my subjects, so one of the teachers told me she would help me."

    "Ah. So he is a flavour."  Too bad. He's kind of hot, in a perfect-wholesome American-boy sorta way.

    "Shut up."  Kirsten glared at her again, then turned towards Zac, which caused a major personality change. "I can tutor you, Zac,"  she said pushing past Sunny, to brush a hand over his chest, looking flirtatiously up at him.

    Sunny snorted. "Yeah. And you also know the laws of Quantum Physics."

    That earned her another glare. "And I suppose you do?"

    "Yes," Sunny said calmly, all the while knowing she was lying through her teeth. But they didn't know that.

    Kirsten gaped at her younger sister, then turned, enraged, to stalk off.

    Zac looked after her, then returned his gaze to the girl in front of him.

    "So. You must be Sunny,"  he said, holding a hand out.

    She grinned, chucking her first impression of him out the window. He might be pretty cool after all.

    She took his hand into a firm handshake. His hand was large, warm and lightly calloused. Nice.

    "And you must be Zac. Now we've got the dramatics and formalities over with, would you like to come in?"

    He smiled down at her, obviously amused. "Sure."

    Allowing him to step inside, she shut the door after him, then led him to the den-cum-library. She gestured for him to take a seat at the desk.

    She sat across from him, picking up a fountain pen on the desk, then playing with it absently.

    "So. Tutoring. What exactly are you having trouble with?"

    "Calculus and Chemistry."

    "Ah, yes. Calculus. The downfall of many a student. Don't worry 'bout chemistry, I'll help you get that down pat, easy. Now calculus is the killer, but I'll help you with that too. Are you in Advanced?"

    He looked at her as if she were crazy.

    "I'll take that as a no. But hey, don't look at me like that. If you're doing Cal. at all, you must be pretty smart. Anyway once you get the basics, you usually breeze through."

    He gave her a skeptical look.

    "You're a sophomore, right? Are you sure you are up to it?"

    She rolled her eyes. "You're a junior, right? Like Kirsten?"  He nodded. "I did Advanced Calculus, Biology, Chemistry and English last year. Don't worry. I can handle it."

    He gave her a small smile. "Modest, aren't you?"

    She grinned. "Totally."

    "So you agree to tutor me?"

    "I wouldn't have wasted my time on you if I didn't. Are there any particular days you wish to avoid?

    "Well, football season is over so I don't practice as much, so I guess any day other than Friday or Saturday would be fine."

    Sunny chuckled. "Yes, of course. The infamous Friday night jaunts, and Saturday repercussions."

    He blushed again.


    "How did we end up discussing this anyway?"  Sunny laughed, raising an eyebrow at Zac. "We stared on Calculus versus American History."

    Zac grinned. "I dunno. Must be my brilliant conversational skills."

    Sunny rolled her eyes.

    "What do I want in a guy? Hmm…well, tall is a must, dark hair, probably black, I'd love it if he had dark blue eyes. ::laugh:: Like yours, but darker. A tattoo, I just think that is so cool. Oh and it would be a huge bonus if he had a tongue ring and an eyebrow ring. Now that is like, my ideal guy. Man, thinking about the hotness is like sending a shiver up my spine."

    He laughed.

    "Wow. I would never have expected that. A tattoo? And a tongue ring? I feel sorry for your parents," he chuckled  again.

    She gave him a wry smile.

"I don't think they have to worry about that though. I haven't found a guy matching my description yet, and I doubt I probably will."

    "Now that's where you're wrong. Have I mentioned any of my brothers to you?"


    "How about Zane?"

    "Isn't he going to college somewhere in California?"

    "You remembered! Your memory is way too good."

    "Is that a compliment or not? Never mind. Are you saying your brother Zane fits the description?"

    "Down to a tee. You can even add on, bad boy / daredevil / charmer onto the list, because I'm sure with the description you gave me, you wouldn't mind those qualities at all."

    "Yeah, but isn't he in California? We are in Washington."

    "I know that. But he's coming home for summer break. I was planning on introducing you anyway."

    "Alright, but isn't he a little…um, old for me?"

    "He's turning twenty next week."

    "I'm only sixteen."

    "….Your point? Four years. Big whoop! It's not like he's ancient."

    "No, but what if he thinks I'm like some juvenile, pubescent kid."

    "Keep using words like that, and he wont. Listen, just be yourself and you'll be fine. It's not like I'm even forcing you to go out with him. You may even decide on sight that you loathe each other for all I know. All I'm saying is I know someone who seems like the image of your ideal guy."