No Hope

A whisper
It's there, I can hear it
Just beyond their shouts, their sneers
A promise
It's there, I can feel it
Just beyond their grips of steel
A dream
It's there, I can see it
Just beyond my torment, my misery
An end
It's there, I can touch it
Just beyond the controlling lust
It's there, how it stings
The constant pull of puppet strings
It's there, of this I hate
The constant fear I'll suffocate
My whisper
It's gone, I can't hear it
The sound is no longer clear
My promise
It's gone, I can't feel it
Crushed by their steel
My dream
It's gone, I can't see it
It lays in shards all around me
My end
It's not there, I can't touch it
The one thing I wanted so much
Why must it be this way?
Why do the feelings always stay?
Why must darkness hide the light?
Why do I always fight?
Where is my whisper
My dream
My promise
Where is my hope?