Internal Struggle

Emptiness seeps in, keeping the emotions locked within
What have I done to deserve such sin?
Nothing, I've done nothing at all
Still I take the dreaded fall
From the light of day to the dark of night
Hear me plead for an end to the fight
Cold, warm, pleading, bribing, cruel unseen fingers touch my face
Stay.oh stay in this hellish place
Let me go, let me be
How can I escape the turbulent sea?
There is no escape, not now, not ever
You must suffer here forever!
No! You cannot have me, I do not belong to you!
Escape, I will from the hateful things you do!
Escape? Escape? You cannot get rid of us. Give into your hate.
No one can save you, it would be too late, too late.
It is never to late to be saved from this sickening trend,
I can see it, there in the darkness I see the light, a promise of an end.
A promise, a hope, a voice, a glimmer only I can see
Trust me, trust me..I have come to set you free.