A darkened world filled with the fog of hate,
the place where all are blind to fate.
Here they walk with eyes unseen,
their battered souls within do scream.
No one can see, they do not care,
their hopes and dreams demons do snare.
Why give them eyes if they cannot see,
or ears if all they hear is misery?
I hold one candle in my hand,
in hopes to restore some light to the darkened land.
I glance around at the sorrow here,
my soul breaks as I shed a tear.
My wings of steel sag in defeat,
I close my eyes, long to retreat.
How can I, a single soul, act out my part,
when the sight I see rips my heart?
Another candle shows its light,
here to help me win the night.
Slowly more lights join with mine,
in my eyes their souls do shine.
Is your soul and heart enslaved,
are you willing to be saved?
Or do you crave upon your sin,
so to blackness you give in?
Take the destined, faithful risk,
be willing to do more than just exist.