Ever grow up believing something and find out you were lied to, and I mean a BIG lie. You know, I'm sure you can think of a few things, such as your mom telling you your fish is asleep when it was really dead all those years ago, and we can't forget where baby's come from, though quite a few of my health teachers beg to differ on the stork theory.

Well, here's an interesting little story about the lie that I was told a few years ago and just what that lie meant: I proved all scientific and mythology-based theories wrong just by being born and growing up in California.

I should have put it together years ago, but years ago when this all began I couldn't even speak yet. My Mom is a scientist and Dad works for the FBI; that should've really been a clue once I knew what that implied they did for a living. My mom is basically in with the whole questionable research of stem cells at the moment. Dad, well if he told me he'd have to kill me; tis the FBI after all, but sadly I've found that I wasn't really far off.

I had a great escape ahead of me to a place I had never heard of or dreamt of, well at least I didn't know that was the place that haunted my dreams. I had a long way to go and a lot to learn about a new life that I wanted to have. I'm just glad I received some help piecing together the truth to my life lived by this lie. I also got the biggest surprise of my life so far when I entered Malendaysia and Malumaysia; where I reside now.

Perils, promise, and confusion are all I have and I want to let you know
how it all began. I need to go over what has happened so far. My life
depends on it.