Chapter 1
Don't Speak I Know What Your Thinking

I rolled out of bed as always starting my usual routine to look my best at six in the morning that day. Looking up at my ceiling adorned with glow-in-the-dark stars on a swirl of purples and blues my mom helped me mold into a small universe and looking out the window put into my yellow wall wondering if anything would be different in our small town of Re Vera. The only thing that really made me want to get out of bed that day was the fact it was my seventeenth birthday. I already saw it was going to be another hot and dry day in April, which was just perfect considering I liked it that way, and it was my birthday after all.

What I didn't like was what happened later on after school, but I'll get to that soon, I have plenty of time because I am to sit in this Malumaysian bed until my fever subsides.

I decided not to worry too much about my unruly head of brown curls as I gazed at them in the mirror. I had no one to impress and no reason to look stunning before gym, and back then I was certain no one could ever think Aurielle Brooks stunning.

I ate a breakfast considering of an energy bar; no special birthday breakfast because my parents were always busy. That's okay though because I was never a really big breakfast person.

I kept having these strange dreams of taking baths in these crystal blue lakes and running very fast through gold forests for what seems like miles, and I don't do well with running very long distances (two miles and I'm either passing out or getting sick.) Then I always end up in a large ballroom being swept off my feet by some gorgeous man or another.
I loved those dreams, but it angered me at the time because I thought almost for certain that in this life that would never be reality.

One blue skirt, neatly pressed blouse, and a pair of penny loafers, oh and an avid search to find matching socks in the war-zone that is my room later..

"Aurielle are you almost ready I like for you to pull out for school before I leave work to make sure you actually go!"

That was my mom, Jessica Fields, always looking out for the better of my education. She wanted me to be some Einstein, which I'm not, then there's the fact that she practically was. So my academically challenged state probably didn't make her life rainbows and waterfalls.

"Give me a second mom if I get mascara in my eye we'll have to go to the doctor's; just calm down!" I yelled back down the stairs and finished applying my dark brown mascara that I wore on my long eyelashes. I had rather bright blue eyes, but that was never what I had found most fascinating about my body.

I found the fact that I didn't look anything like my parents quite fascinating and unusually funny.

My mom Jessica Fields had wavy blonde hair, brown eyes, very slim and petite figure, and I've already mentioned very smart. I towered almost six inches over Jessica Fields' frame of five feet two inches. I also was a lot stronger than my mother ever could've been because she spent all her time in her office. She never joined me at the gym.

My dad, Matt Brooks had straight and thin black hair, narrow dark brown eyes and I was also a good five inches taller that him. My grandmother on my father's side was Asian, but still even if she was my grandmother I would have some trace of Asian heritage right? Instead I got an almost olive skin-tone instead of Asia's fair complexions, and like I said before unruly curly brown hair, but I made the best of it I suppose.

I applied my lip-gloss and threw my hair in two pigtails at the bottom of my head trying to minimize the frizz, but giving one last look in the mirror that day I decided I really didn't care; nothing would ever change; even if it was my birthday. Between my mom and dad both working almost constantly except the fact they came home for dinner, rest, and breakfast. (Have you noticed I wasn't really in their plans)? I couldn't possibly see where they would've gotten me a gift, but I discovered they weren't too worried about such things because today was my seventeenth birthday. In fact I never really understood how I could've been born and raised under their work schedules and parenting methods, but I suppose I turned out okay.

I grabbed the keys to my baby, a 2000 Celica; it was not the newest, but she treated me well, I honestly wouldn't have gotten where I am now without her. Then, I threw my orange backpack over my shoulder rushing downstairs so mom wouldn't start coming up after me, and believe me even though I was officially seventeen now, the woman wouldn't give it a second thought.

"MOM YOU DID REMEMBER MY BIRTHDAY RIGHT!" I shouted; even though I knew that was rude I also knew that she wouldn't have thought of it otherwise. At the bottom of the stairs I saw my mother sipping coffee in her white lab coat lazily looking through the morning paper. Dad was obviously off on his morning run to the office, my dad was a hard worker and fit little Chinese man, the office is almost four miles away and he usually doesn't take the day off.

I found out he was studying a very important case for the last seventeen years.

"Happy birthday sweetheart," my mom said with dry emotion and just came over to kiss my cheek.

"So um I wonder what my dearest mother got me for my birthday," I thought that maybe she would run out and buy me something that day since she obviously wasn't displaying anything she had already purchased.

"I suppose that mother's daughter will just have to wait until after school," my mom said walking towards the front entrance, Jessica wasn't too excited so I knew already even then that it either wasn't good or they were sending me far away to the toughest boarding school for the sheer reason of watching me flunk out. The only thing running through my mind though was the thought they had seen my last Science test.

"I suppose that daughter's mother is trying to drive her crazy with curiosity?" I asked raising an eyebrow, but knowing I still wouldn't get any gifts before having to sit through a pretty boring day at San Juan High School. The private Catholic school named for St. John where I sit and bore myself until I think I might just keel over on the desk, but the bell rings and I'm dragged to someone like Mr. Porter's class, damn Science teacher who flirts with my mom.

I hated school probably because I wasn't that good with academics and was only interested in few things they taught there; like art, music, and I remember every now and then I enjoyed gym because we got to work out in the presence of a sexy substitute. Talk about your motivation. Anyway when tests were handed out I froze I didn't know how I was going to live through when I had to re-take my ACT and OGT (because I failed with flying colors the first round).

"Maybe, but that might give you something to actually think about during school since you obviously don't listen to your teachers. By the way be home on time today because you're father and I want to talk with you, and if you don't I'll make you wait until Easter for your gifts," my mom gave me one last warning as she climbed into her car, a nice new Mercedes she bought with her last big pay-check. She only pointed me in the direction of mine. Just a silent hand motion no "have a nice day" or just a simple "bye Aurielle".

I had wandered what she wanted to talk to me about so urgently and that sounded so important, but I casually dismissed it as a talk about taking out the garbage correctly or another subject I could listen to them rant about and then go surf the internet.

There was no use opening up her door to get the last word or anything because I couldn't afford to be late for school again. I had been late three times already that quarter and one more could've meant a Saturday detention that I wouldn't have been too fond of and my mom and dad would throw one giant bitch fit together about it.

It really didn't matter though; I wasn't there that Saturday.

Ah driving down my street, West Minster Rd, listening to Outkast and playing my bass way too loud, I miss that sometimes. That was my favorite part of the day. I loved to drive and I liked to be alone and think with music blaring; it just felt right.

I liked my friends and all, but I have a couple that are so into their looks it made me sick, one that over-obsessed about everything, especially school work, and a nice gay guy named Jake who was my Jr. High sweetheart before he discovered his homosexuality, but remains the sweetest guy I've ever known.

I hung out with an odd crowd then, but I can't say that the crowd I hang out with now is any better; by our culture's standards that is.

My mom finally turned from her usual spot right behind me, on her way downtown from our suburb and I kept going toward a large, but small compared to public schools, San Juan. Honestly there were only five hundred students in that whole high school!

My junior year hadn't been too great so far but I hoped my senior year would be the calm after the storm.

Kind of sucks ass I never even started a senior year at San Juan Catholic High School. The seniors there always looked like they were having so much fun, and they were because they only took three courses a day and even then weren't known for regular attendance to any of them.

When I got to school my friends were very convincing and wished me a happy seventeenth birthday either in homeroom, in the hallways on the way to my first class, or some of them even told me while I was doing crunches in gym. We weren't going to celebrate until Friday, and receiving my gifts was due for that celebration.

Sometimes I wonder now if they got me anything, and if I would've survived till then.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention one of the most peculiar and exciting things that happened that day, Clark Branson asked me out on a date for Saturday. Firstly Clark Bronson was the Mayor's son, whom never noticed me for anything more than a volleyball game or two.

The fact that the closest thing Re Vera knows to a 'Beach Boy' two hundred seventy-three mile from the coastline, asked Aurielle Brooks out on a date, taking into consideration he's one of the most popular seniors and sweetest eye candy was a little strange all in itself. Blonde, built, and tanned men always melted me; Clark also just happened to present all three of those qualities.

In my second period Science class, that I got to after Clark carried my books for me, I started out the forty-five minute session that bored me out of my mind, but in the end of this particular session I came out almost awestruck, if I had to describe it.

What started the whole affair was when Mr. Porter began his lecture on Punted Squares, which I knew we had studied time and time before, but that doesn't mean I remembered what exactly they were. I can still remember his tight ass know-it-all voice echoing in my head.

"So if one of the organisms parents has blue eyes and a recessive gene for gray eyes and the other parent of that same organism has two recessive genes for gray eyes what are that organisms probability for having gray eyes; in the percentage form of course?" Mr. Porter was adjusting his glasses just to emphasize the fact that his eyes landed on me, which I knew meant that I had to answer the question that I had no clue as to what the answer was.

"Ms. Brooks, if you would be so kind to give us the gray eye probability of this organism's eye color by using the information given in the punted square?"

I wanted to tell him no and to back off, but I didn't need to. I had someone helping me that day because if I would've gazed up at what was written on the board without it I could assure you I wouldn't have given anything close to the correct answer.

B gr


(Punted Square)

He was smirking when he asked the question, but I was also smirking when I realized I knew the answer. Have you ever heard a voice in the back of your head telling you the answer to a question that your mouth needs to speak in your own voice? Do you think I'm crazy? I suppose you never heard of a conscience then? Just pretend conscience has a brother and you may see wear I'm coming from.

Well, it really doesn't matter what you think because it wasn't your brain and the point of that question was the voice in my head I heard before answering a question wasn't the usual voice I had always heard before. This was sweeter and almost real (because everyone knows that you don't hear real voices of other people in your head unless you are mentally ill). It was also a bit more masculine too.

"Oh, er. fifty percent. The organism has a fifty percent favoring that the color of its eyes will be gray," I remember that sounded highly sophisticated to me at the time.

Now, I realize that all the questions I have to answer in my life will require much more sophisticated answers.

Everyone, including Mr. Porter turned his or her gaze onto me. Mr. Porter narrowed his eyes at my very academically successful friend, Melissa, but she was just as surprised as he was. The only difference is she was happy and excited for me whilst my teacher was suspicious of me.

"Alright go Auri," Melissa whispered quickly when Mr. Porter had gone back to filling in the Punted Square I had answered the question about.

I made it through the other periods of classes fine, well fine, but exceedingly far from normal. I got every question I was called on to answer correct. So correct, that the teachers in fact didn't even have room to suggest or mention additional information.

On the announcements at the end of that day there was one concerning an emergency teacher's meeting in the teacher's lounge after school. I kept it to myself, but I have good reason to believe my sudden progress in academics might have caused that meeting. In fact I found out later that night.

I went to my locker after school and grabbed the books I was going to use on my homework that night; the homework that is probably still lying on the desk in my room- either that or sitting in a laboratory somewhere.

"So I am invited to your get-together Friday? I wouldn't want to show up uninvited because there still is that first meeting with your parents and if they weren't expecting me it might not look too good when I'm at the door?" Clark just smiled showing off his white teeth and I grinned trying to match his level of cool when I really wanted to start shouting that he was going to be at my house Friday. There was no way in hell I could have turned him down. I wasn't the type to just be comfortable with a guy on a first meeting.

I was all talk and no show; I always said I would meet hot guys at clubs and go sleep with them just because they were hot and I was horny, but the odds that that particular situation would've ever occurred were slim. The odds that I would've slept with Clark were slim as well, but I wouldn't admit to it at the time. Who wouldn't want to give their virginity to a perfect young man like Clark Branson? I certainly wanted to at the time, but one: never got the chance and two: I found out too much to still be interested.

"Of course, I'll tell my mom and dad tonight to expect you there early. That is if you don't mind us having a little alone time before everyone else gets there?" Oh that had to be the most forward and flirtatious thing I can ever remember coming out of my cherry-glossed lips to a guy like that. I don't remember if I got a sudden burst of courage or if that voice was having fun with my potential relationship status as well, but I couldn't say I didn't like the kiss I got for it.

He smirked again and even though it wasn't allowed in the halls or on school property he brushed his soft lips across mine in the sweetest kiss he could muster with the potential of being caught at any moment. That guy had balls.

"Good then my present to you won't be spoiled by anyone else's?" Clark asked raising his eyebrows and I can vividly remember thinking what the hell was that about. He had just asked me out that morning and he made it out to sound as if he had been planning to be there for my birthday celebration for at least a month and that his present would be the best I've ever received.

"I suppose so, but will you give me a hint as to what it is?" I asked as I played a nice little flirtatious teasing game. I picked up my backpack as I started my way towards the exit for the student parking lot, in which my Celica resided.

"Here allow me?" Clark had asked not waiting for an answer but took my heavy school bag from my shoulders and carried it in his well-muscled arms.

"You know I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise I've been working on for months," Clark replied walking through the door and holding it for me even as he carried his own backpack and mine.

That's the first time it happened, the first time that I heard a second half to a one-part sentence of someone. The part that no one human should hear; that part that they are thinking after they uttered the words they had chosen to say. Inside my head I heard these words:

"You know I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise I've been working on for months," 'or loose my job giving away more information than I was ordered. I thought this might've have been a bit harder, but you're completely dumbstruck about this whole damn town's attitude and knowledge of you Aurielle.'

I was looking right at him when I heard these things that sounded very sinister and wrong. I could see that his mouth hadn't moved a bit, nor that his expression had changed even suggesting he was thinking like that. He still had a settled expression, and was now standing by my car.

Apparently he noticed that I took on a sort of dazed state though.

"What's the matter have you forgotten your History Project was due tomorrow?" Clark asked almost laughing. Then there it was again:

"What's the matter have you forgotten your History Project was due tomorrow?" 'You know Brooks that one that you'll never turn in because you'll be taking too many tests in Washington by sixth period tomorrow.'

I had to make sure that I was hearing more than what he said in my head. I hadn't imagined him saying that I was certain. Maybe if I asked him to repeat the question I wouldn't hear anything about Washington, or so I thought.

"What did you say?" I looked like I didn't hear him the first time, when really at that moment I was ready to totally loose control and run, just run until I passed out.

"I asked, what's the matter have you forgotten your History Project was due tomorrow?" Clark said and he shook hid head at me like I was going crazy, which at the time I was almost certain I was because as certain as he repeated the question the after thoughts behind it were in my head in his clear manly voice:

'Great first I have to ask someone I'm not really interested in out and then I find out the bitch is partially def. Thank God Brittany is in on the plan or I might have had to go without sex tonight.'

You know now that I reminisce back on small details, I had forgotten my History Project, but that wasn't what I was concerned about at the time. I would rather flunk History class all together then find out I could hear things in my head from people I was talking to, especially things they weren't saying aloud.

I needed to get out of that parking lot and drive home fast, well maybe not too fast, but I needed to get away from Clark. I had to have someone to tell me that I wasn't really hearing that and I was dehydrated or just having some attack of anxiety worried about Clark Branson and mine's future relationship.

"Umm, look Clark I have to go I promised my mom that I wouldn't be late coming home from school today. So I suppose I'll see you tomorrow. If you want my number it's in the book, good luck finishing your History Project," I didn't wait for an answer I just hopped into the driver's seat of my car and grabbed my backpack from him on the way. He was confused and I didn't blame him, but I wasn't about to stay there and listen to things in my head that I could hear in Clark's voice that didn't make any sense at that time either. I mean would you?

I never could find anyone to tell me it wasn't real though; I only found slight comfort in denial.